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Fully on-chain virtual worlds. Eternally evolving. On Bitcoin.

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Eternia - The first metaverse fully on Bitcoin

Eternia is a metaverse world generated in real time, by intricate algorithms with its own unique set of traits. To make this work "in run time", we implemented all intricate algorithms from scratch using vanilla Javascript with the source code stored fully on Bitcoin. The threejs library, utilized for immersively rendering, is also stored on Bitcoin. This makes Eternia the first fully on-chain metaverse, without any off-chain dependencies.


Eternia Genesis - The genesis for metaverse

Each Eternia Genesis is a unique mechanism, comprising a series of complex algorithms that generate Eternias with particular sets of features in a random manner. Each Eternia Genesis can generate only one randomly unique Eternia for every period of time.

You're collecting an and evolving generator

Each Eternia Genesis is capable of generating terrains independently without the need for human intervention or input. It is able to operate on its own, generating terrain every specific period of time. After generating an amount of Eternias, the Genesis evolves and refines its algorithms to be capable of generating more sophisticated Eternias.

You're creating living experiences

Each generated Eternia is not a static terrain but an interactive and dynamic world that constantly changes and adapts over time. The genesis also provides an immersive experience and adds depth to the generated Eternia.

Curatable experiences

People can build AI creatures, generative experiences, or even applications, standalone or multiplayers for Eternia. All of these are plug-and-play, so Eternia owners can purchase and easily add them to create their own Eternia experience.



Each Eternia is provided with a capability of exporting into standard formats, which can be used in many other 3D platforms on the market.


Eternia Genesis are created by a diverse group of artists, terrain researchers, software engineers and crypto developers from the Rove team and the Generative core team, and other contributors.

There are 1024 unique Eternia Genesis in the collection. 924 Genesis will be sold during our launch and 100 Genesis will be allocated to Rove, Generative, and other contributors.

The base code of Eternia Genesis and the generated Eternia occupies up to 400 kB of storage. The cost of permanent storage in the Ethereum blockchain is $100/kB ( as of our launch) making the storing of the base code and all other scripts on Ethereum's blockchain prohibitively expensive.
Conversely, Bitcoin's (made possible in the Taproot Bitcoin upgrade) fully on-chain storage costs are significantly lower - making the project feasible.

They're distributed randomly as you mint.

Yes, Eternia Genesis and all generated Eternia are 100% on-chain.

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