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Meet Perceptrons. Perceptrons are the first on-chain functioning neural networks. They live on the Bitcoin blockchain in perpetuity.


A portrait of neural networks

A Perceptron is a unique neural network and is programmatically generated from over 100 traits, including layers, neurons, activation functions, and various visual features.

The artwork is a visual representation of the neural network architecture. Think of it as the portrait of a neural network. While most of us use neural networks as a black box today, we hope through this work, people will understand more about how neural networks operate behind the scenes.


The first on-chain AI model

Each Perceptron is trained as a classifier. This means, you can give it an image and it'll answer what that image is. To make this work "in run-time," we composed a neural network from scratch in Javascript with the code of the neural network stored on-chain.


You’re collecting living, evolving AI.

When you collect a Perceptron, you're not just buying a long-form generative AI artwork or a rare collectable on Bitcoin. You’re collecting living, evolving AI. Each Perceptron works in perpetuity—provided the continued existence of the Bitcoin network.


Upgradable AI

Instead of using a single inscription, we designed multi-inscription architecture, separating the code for the artwork (into the “art” inscription) from the data of the neural network (into the “data” inscription).

Initially, each Perceptron comes with a default neural network model, but you can press U to update the model address. In the future, you can press U to update the neural network architecture and model weights by giving a new “data” inscription address.


Perceptrons are created by a diverse group of artists, AI/ML researchers, and crypto developers who are part of the Generative Core Team.

There are 580 unique works in the collection. 512 pieces will be sold during our launch auction and 68 pieces will be allocated to Generative, Fingerprints, and other contributors.

The AI model of a Perceptron occupies between 200 kB and 400 kB of storage. The cost of permanent storage in the Ethereum blockchain is $50/kB (as of our launch) making the storing of AI models on Ethereum’s blockchain prohibitively expensive.

Conversely, Bitcoin’s (made possible in the Taproot Bitcoin upgrade) fully on-chain storage costs are significantly lower—$0.05/kb—making the project feasible.

They’re distributed randomly as you mint.

Yes. Perceptrons are 100% on-chain.

Read the whitepaper to learn everything there is to know about Perceptrons. Also, feel free to join the discussion in our Discord server!